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  • GRC Guidance

    Sunshine in the Forecast: City of San José Addresses Open Government and Public Records by Tom Norris

    The San José City Council provides one example of how governments are meeting this challenge to operate in the “sunshine.” Its efforts were highlighted in March 2010, when it approved two groundbreaking measures intended to bring greater transparency and accountability to the workings of city government. The decisions were the natural next steps built on a multi-year program of increased transparency. Read on for more ...

  • GRC Guidance

    Recognizing the Value of Controlled and Flexible Governance by Kimberly Samuelson
    Organizations are overwhelmed by the wealth of their own data. It is an embarrassment of riches. Most of them realize that information management is a double-edged sword. Too much information, held beyond its legal retention requirements, can cause problems in the guise of an e-discovery request. Too little information can cause issues when audited by regulators. Read on for more ...
  • Technology You Should Know

    Avoiding Six-Figure Software Selection Mistakes by Lee Pendergraft, CRM, and Alan Blakely, Esq.

    If your organization is in the market for new software tools – or if it’s just considering it – the processes described in this article can help you plan for its selection. Read on for more ...

  • Technology You Should Know

    Enterprise Search vs. E-Discovery Search: Same or Different? by Kamal Shah

    As the amount of electronically stored information (ESI) has grown with the enterprise, the keyword search has become increasingly important as a way to uncover relevant information, whether it is performing an enterprise search for knowledge management purposes, or whether it is performing an e-discovery search to find information relevant to litigation or a government inquiry. To date, most enterprises have used the same search technologies for both tasks. However, a recent trend among large and small enterprises suggests that a significant divergence is occurring between enterprise searches and e-discovery searches. Read on for more ...

  • Technology You Should Know

    Integrating Master Data Management into the Data Warehouse by Marty Moseley

    Organizations that want to take advantage of a higher performing, more agile, and lower-cost data warehouse architecture should implement master data management (MDM) to improve data quality. Master data are those data that are the most critical to your organization’s success (“building blocks” of business transactions), and which are usually created, maintained, and shared among many applications. Read on for more ...

  • Technology You Should Know

    Taking Out the E-Trash by Susan Cisco and Brad Teed

    Is your organization storing electronic records and information with expired retention periods indefinitely because it lacks a sustainable policy and process for getting rid of it? If yes, this article can inform your efforts to develop a sustainable policy and process by shining a light on what other organizations are doing to comply with recordkeeping requirements, decrease storage requirements, and reduce litigation risk when destroying expired content. Read on for more ...

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