Information Management Journal articles that appeared in 2010 are listed below.


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IM January - February 2010

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IM March - April 2010

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IM May - June 2010

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  • May-June 2010 - Complete Issue (PDF - 97MB)

  • Tips for Growing a Green Organization

  • Can RIM Save the World?

  • Business Matters: Cleaning Up Your Information Wasteland

  • Tech Trends: Save Time and Money with Automated Process to Extract Relevant ESI from Tape

  • In Review: Growing a Greener Data Center - Is the Data Really Greener on the Other Side?

  • In Review: Emerging Trends of Electronic Recordkeeping - A Public Policy Perspective

  • Up Front

IM July-August 2010

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  • Taking the Lead in the Information Race

  • Putting a Lock on Cloud-Based Information

  • Drafing a Function-Based File Classification Plan

  • Career Path: Coaching for Professional Development

  • Business Matters: Think Outside the Box When Relocating a Records Center

  • In Review: Taking a Path Less Traveled: Certain Success in an Uncertain World

  • Up Front

IM September-October 2010

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IM November-December 2010

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