IM January-February 2013

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    Rolling the Dice with Predictive Coding: Leveraging Analytics Technology for Information Governance

    Leigh Isaacs explains how predictive coding can be expanded from discovery and litigation to becoming a value-add into other areas, such as information storage, records retention, and data security. More...

    A Roadmap for Effective Information Governance

    An effective information governance program is based on a corporate-level information management strategy.  More...

    RIM Fundamentals

    Thinking Outside the Box: Use Predictive Coding as a RIM Tool

    Predictive coding provides the ability to perform tasks that historically had to be done by individuals with subject matter expertise. More...

    Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® Series

    The Principles at Work in Cargill: Tools for Assessment, Communication

    This article is the first in a series that shares the knowledge of an information professional who has implemented the Principles and who generously shares their experience. More...

    Tech Trends

    Fellows Forum Provides Snapshot of E-Records Management in Organizations

    Several panelists from the Fellows Forum held at the 2012 ARMA International Conference & Expo summarize the perspectives they presented on various aspects of the theme, "Pushing Unconventional Change: Redefining RM Practices" More...

    In Review

    Needed: An Information Consultant

    Clare Cameron evaluates Information Consulting: Guide to Good Practice by Irene Wormell, Annie Joan Olesen, and Gábor Mikulás. More...

    Up Front

    News, trends, and analysis


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