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As the rate of organizational use of cloud-based tools and services continues to escalate, it will become even more critical for records and information management (RIM) and information governance (IG) professionals to be involved in their assessment and procurement. Two of this issue’s articles will bring you up to date on the advantages and the risks of your organization’s decisions to take “A Walk in the Cloud” so you will be better prepared to prevent or mitigate the risks. The other two articles will also help you with information risk mitigation – one by recommending a variety of ways to deal with event-based retention, and the other by helping you understand the changes in this year’s long-awaited revision of ISO 15489-1 – the international records management standard upon which many have built their RIM programs.

As we are nearing the end of our 50th volume year, don’t forget to check out our “Looking Back” section to see what was happening in the association, in the profession, and in our vendor community. Also, be sure to click through to access this issue’s “Bonus Content,” which you can read only in the online version of this magazine.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor
Vicki Wiler
Taking a Walk in the Cloud?

Up Front:
News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization



Another Walk in the Cloud
Patrick Cunningham, CISM, FAI
This follow-up to a 2009 article re-examines the concerns about and benefits of using cloud-based tools and services, and it offers advice for contracting with cloud providers.   

Beat the Retention Clock in the Event-Based Retention Countdown
Sue Trombley IGP, FAI
When complying with records retention rules is too difficult, a “keep everything” culture that impedes successful information governance often arises in organizations. Make compliance easier by following these recommendations for dealing with a significant contributor to that difficulty: event-based retention rules.

ISO 15489 – Revised and Redesigned for 2016
Nancy Dupre Barnes, Ph.D., CRM, CA
The long-awaited revision to what is commonly referred to as “the first international records management standard” is a higher-level publication than its predecessor. Find out what else is different in ISO 15489-1.



Fellows Forum Series

Ensuring Successful Cloud-Based Deployments
Galina Datskovsky, Ph.D., CRM, FAI
Reading this introduction to cloud terminology, the risks, the rewards, and risk mitigations factors will equip information professional to become business enablers that help their organizations embrace cloud-based technology and services.

Special Section: ARMA Live!2016
ARMA International Annual Conference & Expo
Expo Exhibitor Listing

Special Section: 50th Year

50, 25, 10 Years: A Look Back
Discover the RIM profession’s hot issues of 50, 25, and 10 years ago, as well association highlights, article names and authors, and advertisers’ names and taglines in this special section.

In Review
Demystifying the Complexities of Information Science
Marc Kosciejew, Ph.D.
Information Services Today is an introductory textbook that presents a panoramic overview of the information professions and their associated contexts, communities, and collections.

In Review
‘Quick ‘Read Explains IG Fundamentals and Strategies
Sheila Taylor, IGP, CRM, CIP
In clear language and in just over 170 pages, Information Governance for Executives: Fundamentals & Strategies provides readers a high-level understanding of the drivers and benefits of information governance (IG), assistance in developing the business case for IG, and recommendations on how to launch and manage an ongoing IG program.

Bonus Content
This bonus content is provided only in this electronic issue of Information Management magazine for ARMA International members.

Records Management’s Interactions with Information Governance Stakeholders
William Saffady, Ph.D., FAI
This excerpt is from the introduction to Information Governance Concepts, Requirements, Technology, to be published by ARMA International in late 2016, describes how records management professionals interact with the other key information governance stakeholders: information technology, information security, risk management, compliance, legal affairs, data science, and archival administration.


Additional Upfront – page B-49 & page B-56: News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization.



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