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‘Seize the Day’ and Lead the Way for a Successful Information Program

This issue’s articles reinforce the imperative of seizing – even creating – opportunities to collaborate with other information governance stakeholders to ensure that your organization’s information is successfully governed and managed. This theme is carried through several pages of “Bonus Content” that is found only in the online version of this magazine. Don’t forget also to read our “Looking Back” special section, the first part of which is devoted to remembering Bill Benedon, this publication’s founder and editor through its first 18 years; Bill passed away on April 14 at the age of 92.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor

Vicki Wiler

‘Seize the Day’ and Lead the Way for a Successful Information Program”

Learn how this issue’s articles tie into the need for working collaboratively with your organization’s other IG stakeholder groups.

Up Front:

News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization


Fellows Forum Series

Innovative Ideas for Making IG Happen!
Susan Cisco, Ph.D., CRM, FAI, and Sue Trombley, IGP, FAI

Five case studies highlight how records and information management professionals recognized and seized opportunities to enlighten their organizations about the power of information governance (IG) by taking innovative and practical actions to link IG to their organizations’ bottom line.

Quarterbacking a PST Reduction Project: How to Get to the End Zone – No Matter the Opposition
Ben Greene, CRM

Managing Microsoft Outlook’s personal storage table files (PSTs) is difficult and expensive, and many records and information management professionals are looking to reduce PST use significantly. Learn how to take the lead in this reduction effort and ensure that your team makes it to the project’s end zone.

Applying Archival Appraisal Concepts to Information Lifecycle Management
Stephen Cohen, CRM

By integrating archival appraisal methods into their practice, records and information management professionals can ensure that their organizations are not bogged down with obsolete materials, that they have the best information, and that they get more value from it by using it for secondary purposes.


Government Records Sub-feature

Establishing a Duty to Document: The Foundation for Access to Information

Marc Kosciejew, Ph.D.

The article’s main aim is to help illuminate the importance and implications of a duty to document in both access laws and records and information management policies to help ensure accountability, transparency, and trust for good governance practices.

Business Matters Sub-feature

System Automation: A Way to Reduce RIM Risk

Joao Penha-Lopes, Ph.D.

With executive management’s buy-in, information technology and records and information management (RIM) professionals can collaborate to execute systems automation solutions that mitigate risk.

Special Section: 50th Year

50, 25, 10 Years: A Look Back

Discover the RIM profession’s hot issues of 50, 25, and 10 years ago, as well association highlights, article titles and authors, and advertisers’ names and taglines in this special section.

In Review
Information Lifecycle Considered in Context of the Electronic Ecosystem
Meg Scofield

With a focus on information production, storage, distribution, and consumption, an important theme in Information 2.0, Second Edition: New Models of Information Production, Distribution and Consumption by Martin De Saulles is how platforms and devices (as well as the organizations behind them) keep expanding to accommodate an ever-increasing digital deluge.

In Review
UK Copyright Law Made Clear for Information Professionals
Sara R. Demb

In the fifth edition of Copyright for Archivists and Records Managers, Tim Padfield – who has played a vital role in influencing changes in UK copyright law – continues to explain the complexities of the legal context, enabling archivists to make effective and informed decisions and better manage risk. 

Bonus Content
This bonus content is provided only in this electronic issue of Information Management magazine for ARMA International members.

Additional Upfront: News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization

Focusing on Points of Collaboration for RIM and IT Professionals

ARMA International Standards Workgroup

This excerpt from the guideline Records and Information Management for Information Technology Professionals offers practice advice about how records and information management and IT professionals can partner to demonstrate their individual and combined strategic value to their organization and ensure the appropriate governance of its information assets.


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