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No one knows better than records and information management (RIM) professionals that technology is both a blessing and a curse for business. While new and ever-evolving technology tools drive innovation and make many business processes easier and more efficient, they also generate tremendous amounts of information and increase the difficulty of protecting it. The articles in this issue provide guidance about the policies and processes that will help your organization secure its information.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor
Vicki Wiler
Focus on Taming Technology to Maximize Information Security
Technologies can increase the value of information, but they also increase the difficulty of protecting it. Records and information management professionals must take a leading role in ensuring that their organizations’ information assets are secure.

Up Front:
News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization



Policies and Processes for Protecting Information
Beth Chiaiese, CRM
Though written primarily for a law firm audience, this article provides all organizations with practice advice about protecting personal, confidential, and trade secret information. It is an excerpt from the book Confidentiality, Privacy, and Information Security: A Primer for Law Firm Records and Information Governance Professionals, written by Beth Chiaiese, CRM, with Lee R. Nemchek, IGP, CRM, editor for the information Governance in the Legal Environment Series.  

Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® Series

The Principles, IG Maturity Model: Tools for Professional Growth
Julie Gable, CRM, FAI
In a field of endeavor where change is incessant and uncertainty is constant, the Principles and the IGMM are signposts that point out current position, future direction, and the means for getting the RIM program – and the professional – from one place to the next.

How to Combine RIM Programs After a Merger
Blake Richardson, CRM, CIP
From the moment two companies publicly announce a merger, their operational wheels begin turning. This article identifies issues that may not be discussed before the merger is completed and provided advice about the issues that must be discussed post-merger.



TechTrends Sub-feature
Protecting Privacy in an IoT-Connected World
Michael S. Smith Ph.D., IGP, CRM
The Internet of Things (IoT) is being leveraged by organizations across the industry spectrum for a variety of purposes, but they may not understand the threats it brings to their business or how to protect themselves.

LegalMatters Sub-feature
Implications of E-Mail Mismanagement and Best Practices for Preventing It
John J. Isaza, Esq.
In this article, attorney John Isaza answers several questions about e-mail best practices and the legal repercussions of poor e-mail management in the United States.

In Review
Learn to Create and Work with Relational Databases
Erik Werfel, J.D., IGP, CIPP-US, CISSP, CEDS
Database Systems Design, Implementation and Management could serve as a good introduction to relational database management systems for the records and information management professional who has a high-level familiarity  with them but needs to gain additional practical knowledge.

In Review
Discovering the Universe of Preservation History and Practice
Stephen E. Haller, CRM
Preserving our Heritage covers such a large universe of preservation history practice, context, and recommendations that many readers will be able to find content relevant to their own situation or discipline.



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