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If you are not knowledgeable about information technology (IT) and adept at collaborating with IT professionals, you should consider putting these two items at the top of your list of career development goals. Authors of several articles in this issue tell us that the escalating volume of electronic records and the technologies used to create and manage them is driving the need for professional growth in these areas.

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InFocus: A Message from the Editor

Vicki Wiler

Focus on Professional Development to Ensure RIM and IG Success

Increasing your IT knowledge and your ability to collaborate with IT professionals are critical to career advancement.


Up Front:

News, trends, and analysis of interest to you and your organization


Embrace the Cloud, Big Data to Take Control of the Digital Deluge

Cheryl McKinnon, IGP

The Forrester/ARMA 2015 Q2 RIM Survey reveals that uncontrolled digital information is the new top challenge for information professionals – and Forrester Research says the gap between digital governance and chaos is at risk of widening. To prevent that and to spur the evolution from records and information management (RIM) to information governance, RIM professionals must extend their purview to the collaborative, social, and mobile world of today’s digital business. 

More Than Paper: How RIM Can Influence IT and Shape IG
Phyllis Elin

Records and information management (RIM) professionals are perfectly positioned and have the requisite expertise to play an advisory role that will help ensure that their organizations are governing all information in all formats in ways that will reduce costs and risks. To step into that role, though, they must forge a collaborative relationship with IT. This article describes how RIM professionals can do that by demonstrating that they understand IT’s perspective and can help them meet their unique challenges and goals.


Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® Series

Five Essential Project Management Skills for RM and IG Professionals
Anna Lebedeva, IGP, PMP

The Forrester Research/ARMA International RM Survey conducted during the second quarter of 2015 show the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is considered one of the most valuable credentials for records and information professionals to earn. Whether pursuing the PMP or not, this article identifies and tells you how you can develop and use several project management skills that will help you be more successful in your career.


Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles® Series

Making the Business Case for the Principles

Julie Gable, CRM, FAI

Most records and information management professionals are adept at describing the difficulties caused by unmanaged and ungoverned information, as well as the actions that need to be taken to resolve the difficulties and how implementing an information governance (IG) program will benefit the organization. The piece of the business case that may be difficult for them is justifying the resource investment and quantifying the ROI. This article shows how to use the Principles and the Information Governance Maturity Model to demonstrate the ROI for an IG program.


TechTrends Sub-feature

Best Practices for Governing Social Media Content

John T. Phillips, CRM, CDIA, FAI

This article provides technical information about social media platforms and suggestions for governing their use that should be of value to organizations that are struggling to extend IG controls over their social media-based information assets.


In Review
‘The Devil Is in the Detail’: Simplify Processing to Reduce Backlog, Provide Access to More Information
Sara Janes

Daniel A. Santamaria’s Extensible Processing for Archives and Special Collections is a highly practical and method-oriented guide to making archival processing more efficient and effective. This book establishes how archivists could and should change their processing practices to get more done at lower cost.



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