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“Metrics,” “benchmarks,” “key performance indicators (KPIs),” “measurements,” “standards” – whatever terms your organization uses, you’re expected to establish and meet them. After all, according to the oft-quoted and variously attributed adage, “What gets measured gets done.”

On the other hand, it’s important to be sure you’re measuring the right things; as Albert Einstein reportedly said, “Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” Several articles in this issue of Information Management will help you in your quest to measure the right things in the right way to ensure your records and information management (RIM) program’s success.

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Designing a Records Audit: A Controls-Based Approach
Andrew Altepeter
Using a controls-based approach to auditing information governance program compliance can help ensure a focused scope, collaborative effort among appropriate stakeholders, quantifiable findings, and trackable remediation progress.

Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles Series
Principles for Outsourcing Mission-Critical Business Processes
Julie Gable, CRM, CDIA, FAI
Organizations that outsource mission-critical business processes have a distinct challenge ensuring their information is properly managed, as service providers are not just storing the organization’s information, they are using highly automated processes to create, process, and use it. This article discusses how it must also be governed.

The Cookie Trail: Why IG Pros Must Follow the Crumbs
Mark Grysiuk, CIP
Information governance (IG) professionals must understand evolving online tracking technologies and take a leading role in ensuring that their organizations are in compliance with privacy laws and regulations that apply to them. This article provides an overview of the technologies and suggestions actions IG professionals should take.

Business Matters Sub-feature
Checklists for Evaluating Electronic Records Storage Protections
ARMA International Standards Development Program Workgroup
The three checklists this article excerpts from the technical report Understanding Electronic Records Storage Technologies (ARMA International TR 26-2014) will help organizations evaluate how well their records will be protected by potential third-party records storage providers.

In Review
A Comprehensive Information Governance Resource
Robert Bailey, Ph.D., CRM
In Information Governance: Concepts, Strategies and Best Practices author Robert Smallwood presents information governance (IG) in a high-level, clear, and concise way that is helpful for students, records and information management professionals, those studying for the Information Governance Professional exam, and executive-level IG stakeholders.

In Review
Following the Data Trail for Competitive Advantage
Mary Broughall
The Decoded Company: Know Your Talent Better Than You Know Your Customers examines and describes methods to use the data we track about everything around us. According to the authors, a decoded company – one that is “talent-centric, data-drive, flexible, and fast” – has the key to sustainable competitive advantage.

In Review
Culture: The Key to Records Program Success
Meribeth Plenert
Records Management and Information Culture: Tackling the People Problem describes what information culture is, why it is important, how to analyze an organization’s culture, and how to use the results of the analysis.


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